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Opportunity through uncertainty: After a stellar Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth performance in 2021, Africa finds itself in the midst of remarkable uncertainty

The continent’s response to a fundamental shift in the international food and energy landscape will produce a wide range of investment opportunities

Leading global specialist risk consultancy Control Risks ( and its economics consulting partner Oxford Economics Africa ( announced the launch of the seventh edition of their Africa Risk-Reward Index today: “Opportunity through uncertainty.” Download document: The Africa Risk-Reward Index is an authoritative guide for policymakers, business leaders, and investors. The…

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New players to even out Africa’s investment battlefield in 2020

The continent’s traditional development partners – the EU, China and the US – are facing increasing competition on the ground from new players, such as Russia, the Gulf states and Turkey

African markets will become increasingly attractive in 2020 at a time when wider global trends are more set against the interests of international businesses than they have been for many years. Fractious geopolitics in a US election year, a rising tide of global activism and a new level of cyber…

Control Risks Group Holdings Ltd
Source: Control Risks Group Holdings Ltd |

East African countries continue to offer highest rewards for investors

Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya among the top scoring economies; Uganda records strongly improved risk-reward score

Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda offer investors a reward score above the African continent’s average, according to the 2018 Africa Risk-Reward Index from Control Risks ( and Oxford Economics. Ethiopia and Tanzania lead the list of the top rewarding economies for the second time, with Kenya following in fourth position…