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New players to even out Africa’s investment battlefield in 2020

The continent’s traditional development partners – the EU, China and the US – are facing increasing competition on the ground from new players, such as Russia, the Gulf states and Turkey

African markets will become increasingly attractive in 2020 at a time when wider global trends are more set against the interests of international businesses than they have been for many years. Fractious geopolitics in a US election year, a rising tide of global activism and a new level of cyber…

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Specialist risk consultancy Control Risks’ Nairobi-based team available for analysis of 14 Riverside attack

Kenya has been on heightened alert since its military intervention in Somalia in 2011, which raised the threat of reprisal attacks by Islamist extremists or sympathisers

Specialist risk consultancy Control Risks ( is supporting its national and international clients with the response to the 15 January terrorist attack at the 14 Riverside Drive complex in the Westlands district of Nairobi. At around 15:00 (local time), armed gunmen attacked the complex, which houses the DusitD2 hotel and…

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Source: Control Risks Group Holdings Ltd |

Governments and Telecoms Top Targeted Sectors for Cyber Attacks in East Africa

Cyber breaches are not confined to developed markets

In East Africa, governments are the top target sector for cyber attacks (33%). Telecommunications (22%) and financial services (17%) follow in close succession. Contrary to the perception that cyber breaches are a problem unique to the large multinational companies based in developed markets, East African organisations are fast becoming a…